27 November 2010

My Stash - Fabrics

Who doesn't like cute & colourful cotton fabrics, right? I've been stashing cotton fabrics for ages & all of them are still in a perfect condition & haven't been cut yet. I'm still trying to figure out what should I do with all these fabrics.

Anyway, have a look at 'some' of my fabric stash.

I love polka dots. Anything that have polka dots will make me HAPPY !!!

By now, you must have noticed that I don't like dark colours.

My colour pallette must be bright, fun & cheerful.

Happy Stashing !!!


~* chirpy_chummy *~ said...

i lov those colors too :) so sweet rite?

erinrizz said...

Hi Chirpy Chummy...they are all sweet like candy !!!