31 August 2012

New Pillow !!!

I made this Chevron patchwork pillow during the Raya holiday. This is my first time doing it. The amazing thing about doing this patchwork is I only used my trusted scissors to cut all the squares. You don't believe me? Well, you should cause I don't have a rotary cutter & even a cutting mat !! So, my scissors came to the rescue. People keep saying that having a rotary cutter & a cutting mat is really important & crucial to do a perfect patchwork or even to cut fabrics for quilt top. I don't deny it cause having those tools will definitely ease the cutting process. But I've proven that I still can do patchwork with just using scissors even though it's a little bit tedious !!! Do I need to buy a rotary cutter & a cutting mat in the near future? Nope.

I can't leave my chevron pillow just like that. I had to put some embellishment on it. So, i made a big felt flower & attached it to the side.

This is the close up of the chevron patchwork. I had great fun rearranging it like a jigsaw puzzle. Would you like to have it?

Chevron Patchwork Pillow Type A
Price : RM25.00 (including pillow insert)
Size : 25 cm x 52 cm
In Stock : SOLD OUT

Email me at erinrizz@yahoo.com
Happy Shopping !!!


ros said...

patchwork using scissor, indeed a challange. anyhow, beautiful piece to sleep and dream on everynight :)

erinrizz said...

Thanks Ros....