21 January 2013

New Handmade - Mini Blanket

Finally, my knitted blanket is done. This is my first attempt to knit a blanket. Previously, as you all know, I've been knitting lots of knitted pillow & there are still more to come. To change the air a little bit, I tried to knit a bigger project like this blanket. Although it's a bigger project but this blanket is quite small in size & I call it a 'Mini Blanket'. You can bring this Mini Blanket along when you are traveling in a car or in a plane, you can lay it down on a sofa & grab it when you are feeling cold while watching your favourite show on TV, or maybe you can put it in your baby crib for that extra warmth.

This pattern is called 'Intarsia Knitting'. I used seed stitch for the border & stockinette stitch for the center square.

Intarsia Knitted Mini Blanket Type A
Price : RM42.00
Size : 60cm x 70cm
In Stock : SOLD OUT

And not forgetting I also made another 2 more pillows as shown below :

Heart Felt Pillow Type B
Price : RM25.00 (including pillow insert)
Size : 25cm x 52cm
In Stock : Available

Woven Ribbons Knitted Pillow Type E
Price : RM30.00 (including pillow insert)
Size : 25cm x 52cm
In Stock : SOLD OUT

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1 comment:

amani said...

salam, saya nak beli intarsia blanket tu ya.. sebelum ni ada emel, tapi macam tak smpai je...

juga nak woven pilliow yg dalam entry yg latest..
ni emel saya amaniekd@yahoo.com