31 August 2013

Storage Solution - Embroidery Floss

I have so many craft knick-knacks. From ribbons, buttons, felts, trimmings, threads, embroidery flosses, fabrics, wrapping papers, knitting yarns, paints, brushes & more. You name it, I have it all. I trained myself to always keep my craft space tidy at all time by putting back my craft materials in their own storage after i have used it (not just leave it on the table etc). When you are lazy to put away your crafts materials after you used it & just leave it on the table, eventually your stash will pile up & before you know it, your craft table will get messy too.

Here, I just want to show you a little bit of my storage solution that I use to keep my embroidery flosses organize. Ziploc bags are so useful. They are not just to keep your meats or veges or your leftovers sealed in the fridge but ziploc bags also can be used in keeping your craft stash organize. They can also keep the mildew away in our hot & humid weather. Who wants the unwanted mildew smell, right?

Happy Organizing !!!

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