10 April 2011

A Birthday Gift For Me !!!

Look at what I've received for my Birthday recently !!! A Sewing book by my beloved fabric designer Anna Maria Horner. Yay !!!

I never own a sewing/craft/pattern book (especially a hard book cover like this one) in my entire life since I started sewing. Usually, I only buy sewing/craft magazines which is under RM10 because to me, magazines with the price of more that RM10 are way bit too expensive & not worth buying. So for these expensive magazines, I usually just browse through the contents to see what's new & to get some new ideas. Amazingly, I can remember all the contents in these magazines by just browsing through all the pages.

This book is so user friendly & organize.

It shows all the techniques & easy to follow steps.

What should I do for my next sewing project? Should I reorganize by sewing space?

Happy Reorganizing !!!


zarina said...

I thought you already have the book? Happy using it.

erinrizz said...

Hi Zarina !!! No, I never had that book. Thank goodness I got it as a gift....yay....

Thanks for dropping by....