24 April 2011

My First Patchwork Pillow

Look at what I've made !!! My first ever patchwork pillow, yay !!! I've always wanted to make patchwork pillow but never have the time to really sit down & brain storm the ideas. But because April is the last month to enter for Blogger's Pillow Party organized by Stitched in Colour, so why not start making this pillow & I'm proud to say that this pillow would be my April entry.

This is the front view. I love polka dots, who doesn't, right? I didn't use any pattern from books/magazines. This is entirely my own design.

This is the back view. Usually, you can only see patchwork on the front side but I purposely sew the patchwork to the back of the pillow too.

Another thing that I love about this pillow is the running stitch in assorted colours. Love the wrinkles & they add character to the pillow. Eventhough this is a simple design but not bad for a first timer, right?

So, who want my first patchwork pillow, hands up !!! I'm selling it !!!

My First Patchwork Pillow
Price : RM20.00 (including pillow insert)
Size : 25cm x 52cm
In Stock : SOLD OUT

Email me at erinrizz@yahoo.com
Happy Day !!!


Angela said...

What a lovely pillow!

Rachel Hauser said...

Congrats on your first pillow. Well done! Thanks for joining in on the Pillow Party!

erinrizz said...

Thanks Angela & Rachel !!!

Astrid said...

Congrats on your first patchwork pillow! It looks GREAT and so cute! Bet it won't be the last?! :))

erinrizz said...

Thanks Astrid !!! Should I make more ??

Country Victoria said...

Hi there, can i order this? do u have extra??/