28 October 2011

DIY Project - Decoupage Storage Box

I love to keep my home clean including my sewing space. The only solution to keep things always organize is storage. I will never had enough of storage box so other than buying more boxes, why not making one out of a regular brown box. At the same time I can recycle all the brown boxes, shoe boxes, plastic containers & bottles which I kept at home.

Doesn't it look gorgeous? Polka dots will never be out of style & it is so ME !!! This is originally a regular brown box which is so dull & boring. So to spice it up, I use colour paper in my favourite colour of course, turquoise & pink. I cut the turquoise paper in strips & glue it onto the box using Mod Podge. Then layered it with pink polka dots & sealed it all over with few coats.

I use this pretty box to store some of my knitting yarns. I will definitely make more & turn my home into storage heaven !!!

Happy Crafting !!!

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decoupage said...

Beautiful box, decoupage is a science, but what a beautiful science