06 May 2013

My Fabric Stash !!!

I've been collecting & hoarding fabrics for ages & love looking at their beautiful designs & colours. Every time I open the containers where I neatly fold & keep all the fabrics in, I get excited & start thinking of all the possible ideas on how to turn these gorgeous fabrics into something beautiful & useful.

I love cute & whimsical designs. Currently, one of my most favourite fabric designer is Anne Kelle.

It seems that I can't get enough of polka dots. In the above photo, the first three fabrics on the left of the top row are flannel & they are so soft.

These are some of my cupcakes & owl fabrics. I will use these for my upcoming sewing projects.

More polka dots & stripes.

These are all the solid fabrics I have. I need to purchase more darker colours.

Happy Stashing !!!

1 comment:

Hana_Nana said...

hi erin, kat mana you beli all these kain? cute sgt!